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Tru Thoughts
Label anglais Soul, Funk, fondé en 1999 (Quantic, Alice Russel, Belleruche, Kylie Auldist,...) /

Truth And Soul
Label américain Soul fondé en 2004 (Lee Fields, El Michels Affair, ...) /

Freestyle Records
Label anglais Funk, Jazz fondé en 2003 (Diesler, Lack Of Afro, The Sound Stylistics,...)

Label américain Soul, Funk, Gospel, fondé en 1999 (Sharon Jones & , & The ,...)

Label américain Soul, Funk, Afro, et filiale de Daptone fondé par Thomas Brenneck en 2005 (Charles Bradley, Menahan Street Band, 3 Titans...) /

Record Kicks
Label italien Funk, Jazz fondé en 2003 (Baby Charles, Diplomats Of Solid Sound, ...)

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  1. cajunboy: A few months back I got a call from the lady who’s the head of casntig for Treme. She explained that the show was going to shoot a scene in season 2 at a fictional Bar None — my beloved Saints bar in New York I’ve mentioned here numerous times (and written about by the NY Times here and here, the Times Picayune here, and me for Yahoo

  2. Now I’m like, well duh! Truly thankful for your help.

  3. Man that would be insane! MMA just doesn’t give enough pay for MMA fighters to train full time and develop into super human athletes like Tyson was. If the UFC starts paying more only then will MMA actually thrive and be on the same level as boxing, skill wise.

  4. Lynn said :-)Samuelson also asked the actress about the final two-hour episode of “24.”“I was really put off at first because I was shocked at the ending,” she said.“But then when I went back and re-read the scripts, it’s pretty cool…it does kind of lead into a movie, but it’s a cool ending.”

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